Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Dream Shattered

Somewhere over the rainbow ...
Hmmm... No pot of gold here ...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Standing on Top of the World

Today we visited Yellowstone Park. Here's Squeezer standing at the Continental Divide: Water on one side of the Divide flows into the Atlantic Ocean; water on the other flows into the Pacific. (No, we didn't see any bears or buffalo. We did see some chipmunks and native sparrows ...)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Vampire

Once upon a time there were three bears and a vampire. One morning mama bear made some porridge for breakfast. It was too hot to eat, so they went out for a walk in the forest while it cooled. They followed a path until it came to a waterfall. The papa bear said, "Come over here and look at this waterfall."
The vampire said, "I don't like waterfalls."

They went a little farther until they came to a meadow of wildflowers. The mama bear said, "Oh, look at these beautiful flowers!"

The vampire said, "I don't like flowers."

The baby bear had been collecting sticks and little rocks. "Look!" he said, "I found the best rock ever."

The vampire said, "I don't like rocks."

When they got home, the three bears went to eat their breakfast. The papa bear's spoon was missing. "Someone has been eating my porridge," said the papa bear. The mama bear's spoon was in the bowl.

"Someone has been eating my porridge," she said.

"Someone has been eating my porridge," said the baby bear, "and ate it all up."

"I don't like porridge," said the vampire.

The three bears and the vampire looked around to see who was in the house. In the living room, they found papa bear's chair had lost its cushions. "Someone has been sitting in my chair," said the papa bear. The mama bear's chair had been moved.

"Someone has been sitting in my chair," said the mama bear.

"Oh," said the baby bear, "someone has been sitting in my chair, and broke it all to pieces."

"I don't like chairs," said the vampire.

Upstairs they went to the bedrooms. The papa bear's blankets were messed up. "Someone has been sleeping in my bed," said the papa bear. The mama bear's pillow was on the floor.

"Someone has been sleeping in my bed," said the mama bear.

"Someone has been sleeping in my bed," said the baby bear, "and here she is right now." It was Goldilocks.

"I like girls," said the vampire.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Organ

Last week we bid farewell to the Hammond RT3 organ in our house. It was the first organ I ever played, and one that I have continued to use use for practice. We gave the organ to our niece who lives in the same valley. In its place we have an Allen organ borrowed from my older brother, who is out of the country for a year. Here is the new Allen, in our living room. (Actually, it isn't exactly "in the place" of our old Hammond. It wouldn't fit through the door, so we put it in the living room.)

Below is a photo of our Hammond, model RT3--a "concert" model with full AGO concave radiating pedal board:

Next is a closeup of the organ with the lid open to show the manuals and distinctive Hammond drawbars:
The above Hammond was actually our family's second Hammond organ. The following is my oldest brother, Walter, playing our previous organ at Christmas 1956. Notice the cross decorations along the top edge of the console and bench:
I don't recall the details of my parents' purchase of the first Hammond or the second one. (In fact, I hadn't realized that we had two of them until my teenage years ...). Thanks for all the practice sessions!