Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why Comcast/Xfinity Is America's Most Hated Company

Yesterday my Comcast bill arrived in the mail. The monthly charge jumped from $65.82 to $85.55--a whopping $20. It was itemized as follows:

  • XFINITY Bumdled Services: $68.69
  • Additional XFINITY Internet Services: $12.00
  • Other Charges & Credits: $0.82
  • Taxes, Surcharges & Fees: $4.04
I guess I'll visit the nearby store today.

The TV box that they gave me several years ago when I signed up for Internet only has sat on the water softener in the laundry room, unplugged, since the day it came. (I wouldn't let the Comcast man connect it to my cable system.) They made me take that box in order to get Internet for $45.00.

Over time, the cost crept up to about $62.00. Then an unexpected $85.00. That was about a year ago.

I visited the Comcast office, and the employee arbitrarily decreased my monthly charges to $55.00.

It has periodically crept up to last month's $65.82. Then yesterday it jumped to $85.55.

This morning I carried up the TV box from the laundry room. I'll deliver it to the Comcast office today.

I wonder if they will decrease my monthly fee ... or if I will just quit Comcast again ...

We'll see.