Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Death of the Music CD

I remember purchasing my first music CD ... I don't recall its title, but it was probably in late 1983 or in 1984. I've purchased many more in the 25 years since then. For Christmas this year, I received a David Cook CD, only to find (today) that none of my Macs or PC can play it. (As I write this I'm trying to get my Ubuntu Music Player to play it--but it is having a hard time.)

Perhaps the saddest part of the demise of the music CD industry is that it is self-induced--brought on by the incompetence of out-of-touch executives and overly zealous organizations like the RIAA. It's sad when companies assume that all their customers are criminals. They don't realize that they are killing the very industry they are trying to preserve!

If any other customers feel the way I do, CD music companies might as well close their plants. I have purchased my last Music CD. Future purchases will be through iTunes. (In fact, I think I will probably have to buy David Cook on iTunes if I ever hope to listen to it.)

Maybe Wal-Mart will take this CD back. (They are very good at accepting returns.)

Sayonara, music CDs!! Bring it on, iTunes/iPhone/iPod!