Monday, June 30, 2008

Alexander Schreiner at a Provo AGO Convention, Early 1970s

Organist Alexander Schreiner (above) talks to organists at the sanctuary of the State Hospital in Provo. The organ behind him had been recently installed. Schreiner played several pieces on the organ, including (as I recall) Louis Vierne's Naïades. (FWIW, Alexander Schreiner is Barbara's great uncle.)

  One of the stops at the convention was the Provo Tabernacle. The organ there has been rebuilt completely since that time. The pre-rebuild organ was used for my graduate recital.

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  1. Though I reject the Mormon cult, (ALL religions are man-made myth, fairytale and laughable ritual) the MORMON TABERNACLE ORGAN played by ALEXANDER SCHREINER inspired me to become an organist!
    Though I refuse to play for magic shows (church services) I love the organ in live cathedrals.