Monday, November 21, 2005

Sayonara to Music CDs?

I purchased a Deutsche Grammophon CD of Charles Ives' 4th Symphony (and some other of his works) a week or two ago--at about the same time I became aware of Sony's Digital Rights Management (DRM) antics/woes. On the same day that the Ives recording arrived I inserted it into my iBook G4 and imported it into iTunes. Then I placed the CD on the shelf with all my other CDs (all of which have also been imported into iTunes).

(FWIW, I haven't been sucked in by the copying of CD's--I've never burned a CD to avoid purchasing one ... Every track on iTunes is either from a CD/LP I own or else purchased and downloaded from the iTunes web site. [I have purchased only 5 tracks from iTunes, BTW.] Needless to say, I don't feel like a criminal, even though the record companies obviously feel that anyone who purchases a CD must be a criminal.)

Now I read with alarm that many record companies are including DRM software on their CDs. This really makes me nervous. From now on I will think twice before purchasing a music CD ... and be sure never to play them on my (seldom used) Windows computer.

It is a shame that Sony's reputation has been sullied by the rootkit fiasco. I still remember the first time I heard of Sony--when a friend of mine showed me his newly purchased reel-to-reel tape recorder. I have purchased numerous Sony products since then. I'm not really happy with the way Sony's executives are destroying their company, and I hope they see the light soon and bounce back.

Unless/until I am convinced that my computers are safe from rootkits and spyware shipped with music CDs, I don't see myself purchasing any more music CDs.

Too bad [sigh].